Dave Coulier on Box Tops 4 Education – just Cut It Out

“Cut it out” is perhaps one of the most iconic phrases in television history and Dave Coulier will always be known for saying it best. While Dave’s big claim to fame may be Full House, what he’s doing now is just as incredible – it’s also enhancing the lives of children all across America – and we got to speak with him about it today.

That’s right, Dave has taken his signature catch phrase from Full House and given it new life with Box Tops 4 Education. The initiative is something that is close to Dave’s heart, in fact, he started our interview by letting us know that in the past 20 years, Box Tops 4 Education has given back over 8 hundred million dollars to schools.

8 hundred million dollars, that’s quite a number, and it’s all because people have taken a moment to cut out box tops and send them in; it takes something so simple to impact the lives of so many.

Now, it’s easier than ever to ‘cut it out’ when it comes to box tops. There’s the conventional way, but there is also a program on your smartphone that allows you to digitally, and instantly, turn in those box tops. When it comes to education, it’s more important than ever before that all kids get to grow up informed, well rounded, and with the proper material necessary to get a lasting education.

It’s an incredible feeling to know you’re helping shape the future of our world.

Dave seems to think so too, as he partnered with Box Tops 4 Education in a series of videos that’ll make you laugh but also make you want to make a difference, and has been doing interviews on the program so more people are informed and able to help out in their own accord as well.

Boxtops 4 Education is also running sweepstakes that Dave mentions where you can win 1,000,000 worth of box tops – and it’s easy to enter. You just purchase a box with the sweepstakes information and look for the code, as Dave said, to see if you’re a winner.

Below is one of the videos Dave recorded with Box Tops 4 Education where he became a substitute in the library and the faces and reactions of the children are priceless, we can see why he had to hold in his laughter.


The truth is, however, that without Box Tops 4 Education, those situations would be a painful reality and there is a sort of magic and wonder in literature that children simply can’t miss out on.

For more information, including how to find the app for your smartphone and ways to get involved, please visit Box Tops 4 Education and join Dave when you cut it out.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.