David Tennant is back in series nine finale of Doctor Who

Great news my fellow Whovians! If you enjoyed Tennant being the Doctor, you might see him again with Donna Noble in the Season 9 finale of Doctor Who.

It is not yet confirmed but it is likely to happen. The rumor started from Blogtor Who who reportedly said the scripts are ready and they will begin recording once Tennant and Tate schedule is permit.

Although it is an exciting news, Big Finish and Blogtor Who refused to comment.

Big Finish and BBC clearly has a deal together to rights of the characters. With the two reviving series like Torchwood and a UNIT series with the wonderful Kate Stewart and the daring River Song.

Considering nothing has been confirmed we will just wait and see if the handsome, witty Tennant and hilarious amazing Noble will be apart of the Series 9 Finale.

Written by CelebMix