A Day In The Life Of A ‘Stranger Things’ Fan

The original Netflix series Stranger Things has been a global hit, drawing in fans from across the world to make a whole community of its own. As part of our ‘Day In The Life Of A Fan’ series, we took to Instagram to interview fan account @ohhschnapp to find out what they love about Stranger Things, and what it’s like to run a fan account!

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself? State your name, age, and roughly where you are from?

My name is Kellyn and I’m 14. I’m from Texas! :)

2. Can you explain when and how you first became a fan of Stranger Things?

Well I was always a huge Broadway nerd, so I was already following Gaten Matarazzo on Instagram because I knew about his work in “Les Miserables”. I saw him posting about Stranger Things, and I knew I had to check it out! I started watching it a few days after it came out on Netflix.

3. Why are you a fan of Stranger Things & it’s cast?

I’m a fan of Stranger Things because it’s so intriguing and the talent the actors have is beyond what words can describe. You find out new things one scene after the next, it just draws you in the moment you start watching!

4. What made you want to run an update account/fansite/update about Stranger Things often?

Well I never even considered starting a fan account before, but I was so passionate about Stranger Things I had to! The actors and writers and directors deserved just about every ounce of praise for all the work they’ve done!

5. Roughly how much time to you spend running your account?

I go on my account pretty much everyday. The Stranger Things community is just so sweet and I love seeing/posting edits and stuff. I love going on my account!

6. Do you have anyone who runs the account for you if for some reason you are away?

Nobody else runs the account, just me. :) But there are many other Stranger Things accounts who have 2 or more people running the account, it’s a really cool idea!

7. How many followers do you currently have and do they talk to you/ask you things often?

I currently have 1,864 followers, and I’m so surprised! I mean a lot of other accounts have way more, but I’m really proud of how successful my account has gotten. I interact with my followers every time I get on my account, they’re just so loving and supportive!!!

8. Do you prefer to just write updates (keeping it writing/informative based) or post pictures on your account?

I usually post pictures on my account, mostly funny ones like memes. I would also post pictures/videos of the cast. I don’t really have a set theme, but I kinda like it that way. I just post a variety of things!!

9. Would you say that you have met any friends online through your account?

I’ve met so many friends through my account! They’re so sweet and caring. I talk to them everyday and we all love each other so much. We’re just one big happy family!

10. Have any cast members ever noticed your account and how did it feel?

I’ve had cast members notice my account such as Caleb, Finn, Gaten, and Noah! Noah actually follows me and I think that’s really cool. It makes me feel so happy when they notice me. I actually met Millie, Caleb, and Gaten at Comic Con! They’re so sweet!!!

11. What has been your favourite episode of Stranger Things?

My favourite episode of Stranger Things is probably Chapter 7. So much goes on in that episode and I’m on the edge of my seat when I watch it. It’s really really interesting!

12. What is your favourite thing about Stranger Things?

My favourite thing about Stranger Things is probably the phenomenal acting. The kids are so young, but they’re so talented!!! I like to act myself, so I really look at them as inspiration because they’re so successful and talented at my age. The adults are amazing too. David Harbour and Winona Ryder really did an outstanding job!!

13. If you could say one thing to a cast member of Stranger Things then what would it be?

I would probably tell Winona how much of an inspiration she is. She’s been in so many movies and her acting is off the charts. She is so humble and really funny, you can tell she cares a lot about her cast mates! Overall, Winona is really just amazing!

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Written by Enya Savage

20 year old literature student, lover of books and theatre!
Contact: @enya_savage on Instagram and Twitter