DBangz interview: “I’m trying to prove that my respect in this industry is cemented”

DBangz is the alter-ego of Darius Lewis who is perhaps best known for his comedic rap track ‘Thick N*ggas & Anime Tiddies’. The artist is now aiming to cement his status as a serious contender in the rap game with his latest single ‘Prove’, and so CelebMix decided to put some questions to the rap insurgent…

“Lot of these rappers, they spit like they grown, but I know that they mentally stuck in they dungarees”. How did this lyric come about?

This lyric came about because I feel like I’m light years ahead of my competition. 

What is it exactly that you are out to ‘Prove’?

I’m trying to prove that my respect in this industry is cemented. 

What makes a good verse in your opinion?

Structure, comfort and ability in the delivery. Also how well it ages.

Are you a control freak in the studio?

Absolutely not, I’m the most respectful rapper in the studio. 

You recently turned vegan. What inspired this change in lifestyle?

I had a huge awakening last year relating to food, the ego, my actions. Now I don’t eat our friends.

And did you dive straight in? Or was it a slow transition?

I dove right in but it took me a minute to actually understand what I had to eat.

So, what’s your vegan speciality?

My favorite meal to make right now is a bowl with chickpeas, oyster mushrooms, squash, quinoa, and some greens. Also a vegan Mac and cheese.

Breakdown the next five years in the life of DBangz for us…

Keep training to further unlock my pineal. I can also see myself in a new sports car that’s in the shop more than I’d be driving it. 

Why rapping and not singing?

Rapping was more popular amongst my friends, plus I’m a huge rap fan. 

Thanks for chatting with us. Any final remarks?

Hope everyone is listening to the new music and there’s much more to come! And drink fluoride-free.

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Written by Alister

I am a journalism student at Robert Gordon University. Follow me on Twitter @ross_alister