Why Dean Gibbons is Your Perfect Valentine

As we move into the last week in January, there is only one Occasion on the minds of people everywhere: Valentine’s Day. ‘How will I spend Valentine’s Day this year?’ ‘Will I have a Valentine?’ and of course, ‘Who is my perfect Valentine?’

We thought Dean Gibbons from the up and coming boyband, Hometown, was a good choice for your, and our, perfect Valentine this year.

5. He loves Disney

Is there anything more attractive than a man who would be up for spending a day in bed watching Disney movies with you? We don’t think so. Dean is particularly fond of The Lion King, and isn’t shy about admitting that he watches it regularly. He even collects Disney’s Store’s The Lion King Tsum Tsum’s (no really, he does). Disney movies and you can start a collection with him? We’re game.

Five Reasons Why Dean Gibbons Is Our Perfect Valentine 1

4. He’s a family man

Dean is incredibly passionate about family and he doesn’t hold back on making this known. He takes his grandmother on regular dates to Costa and has even taken her on a trip to the local pub for a Guinness. (He paid for both – we hope!) It doesn’t end there though; Dean also has an exceptionally close relationship with his younger brother, frequently tweeting about activities and adventures they share, and even tweeting about his younger brother’s accomplishments, along with a few jokes, of course.

Five Reasons Why Dean Gibbons Is Our Perfect Valentine 2

3. He has a good sense of humour

When we’re talking about our ideal man, you can almost guarantee that we’ll mention a man who has a good sense of humour. Dean falls right into this category as he knows how to take a joke or a prank, and can hit back just as hard. He finds majority of things funny and you can almost guarantee that you won’t get through an entire conversation with him without hearing him laugh at least once. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, either, which makes conversations with him a lot easier and relaxing.

2. He’s actually really genuine

While this one might contradict our previous point, it’s definitely one that’s worth mentioning. Dean is one of the most genuine lads you’ll meet (scouts honor, we promise). He doesn’t hesitate to ask if you’re alright, and he always takes concern in the things that might bother you. Similarly if there’s something that you’re passionate about, he’ll be happy to talk to you about it and make it feel important; even if he knows absolutely nothing about the particular subject.

1. He’s a coffee lover

‘Is this really important?’ Yes, it is. Imagine a scenario where you wake up in the morning, you’re tired, cranky and you need a quick pick me up – what could be better than a trip to Starbucks or Costa with Dean? He’d for sure be up for it, having previously tweeted that he goes on regular trips to these coffee chains for a coffee fix in the morning. Coffee dates could also come in handy when you’re sitting around with nothing to do, and you simply want to spend a few hours away from the house.

So basically, if you don’t consider Dean Gibbons for your Valentine; you’re missing out.

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Written by CelebMix