Dean Sherwood – The brains behind our favorite tour diaries and videos.

Those of us who have not seen their favorite artist (or just want to relive it) are forever grateful for tour diaries. They capture a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. One band, in particular, The Vamps is starting their summer shows after a few months of touring the world. Throughout social media fans continually received behind the scenes pictures and videos. Many people make up the backstage crew. But who is creating all the tour diaries that we thoroughly enjoy? That would be none other than, Dean Sherwood.

Dean truly puts in a lot of hard work and effort in order to bring the fans enjoyable content from over the course of shows around the world. The Vamily always get tour diaries days after a show and regular cover videos shot by Dean.  For the past two years, Dean has directed, filmed and edited all of the Vamps tour diaries. Capturing all the behind the scenes antics and heartfelt moments.  This allows fans to see an insight of each place they visit on tour.

He is the man behind one of the fan favorite videos, ‘Cheater’. Compared to their other videos, there is no big production. The video perfectly captures the Vamps boys as their cheerful and funny selves. Dean’s ability to create such a fun video (shot in just a bedroom!) highlights his eye for knowing what works best.

Dean also shoots and edits cover videos. He has done so since 2012 and never fails to create something great. More recently, he has also worked with The Tide and newly signed band, New Hope Club. He comes up with simple concepts so viewers can see what each individual members personality, along with, beautiful artistic shots. Yet again showcasing his talent.

One of our favorite parts about what Dean does is capturing memories. The tour diaries show special behind the scenes moments. From pre-show rituals, meeting fans to an emotional backstage performance of ‘Coming Home’ by Brad Simpson. Obviously, these are only a few of the memories from the tours. Every diary has something special which Dean has shot for us all to relive for years to come.

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Alongside filming, Dean is also a very talented photographer.  If you want to see more of Dean’s work, make sure you check out his website. We are forever thankful for all the hard work Dean puts into creating amazing content! We cannot wait to see more of his projects in the near future.


Written by CelebMix