Dear Harry Styles, Thank You.

There’s a quote Harry gave in an interview in 2013

“I feel like, when people label people as famous they take away a lot of substance that they have as a person. So that you don’t remember some one as: he was funny or they were really nice and giving it’s like: they were famous. And then it becomes a thing where anything after that, whatever you choose afterwards, if it’s not as famous or more famous than it was before; it’s considered a failure. And that’s a shame because it’s not, always.”

At the time a lot of the fandom applauded him for his openness and willingness to explain why he didn’t appreciate the word but it wasn’t taken much deeper than that. Now, I think it should be.

Harry Styles has time and time again proven with actions and words alike that he is an incredible person. From larger gestures like working with charities alongside his band mates in One Direction to the little things like stopping for fans and always asking if they’re okay; he truly shows the world that he cares for the people who have given him the ability to do what he loves. He genuinely thinks the world of his fans and it’s one of the most beautiful things about him.

Harry’s big heart is truly unlike any other that this generation has witnessed, especially in someone who works in a field where many people are known for being less than kind and humble. He has kept a sense of self about him that has given him the ability to continue to see the best in everyone, see the bright side in absolutely every situation and it’s inspiring to see.

Harry’s fans have seen him truly grow into an amazing person, but we’ve also seen him deal with backlash and hurt from the media and fans in a painfully honest way; which is something I think the fans forget sometimes. We’ve seen him cry and explain that he broke down because of hurtful things fans posted about him on Twitter, following that up with:

“I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who didn’t really care that much about what people thought about them, but I just…I don’t think I am.”

Although it’s been years since that clip and he’s had the ability to develop thicker skin, it’s apparent that he still cares deeply about his impact on other people; he still desires to make people happy and in doing so he gives them all he can sometimes more, and he does it all without expecting anything in return. The most we can do then, as his fans, is respect him.

Harry, and celebrities generally, are just people, at the end of the day, they’re just like you and I with the exception of their jobs. Harry is a 21 year old young man who’s given up his adolescence to chase a dream but also for us, also to make sure that he and the rest of One Direction keep the promise they made us: to stay a band as long as we want them to. It’s easy to get lost in admiring Harry; he’s truly a very unique and beautiful soul, but it’s important to remember that at the end of the day when the stage is torn apart, the lights are off, and he’s home in his bed; he has feelings too.

There were some tweets today that blew up, attacking Harry, that made my stomach turn. I won’t quote them, I won’t give them the satisfaction of that, but I will say this: words hurt, and just because someone seems like they’re sitting on top of the world doesn’t mean the view is always beautiful.

Harry does an incredible job of seemingly seeing the world and everyone in it through rose colored glasses, but we have to know that even he has days where things get too heavy and sometimes things just hurt. It’s important then for us, as his fans, to take the time to not argue against the hate and create more of it, but to use positivity to build him and each other back up.

When someone spreads light and love their soul flourishes, Harry is a prime example of that.
So Harry; this is for you.

Thank you for being exactly who you are, for being someone who teaches everyone that loving themselves is not only an okay thing to do, but an encouraged one.

Thank you for not being afraid to exist outside the normal restrictions so frequently placed upon us. Thank you for being an individual, for wearing what you like, painting your nails, swaying your hips and long hair around as you dance. Thank you for not fitting into a stereotype because it shows the millions of fans who look up to you that it’s okay if we don’t fit into one either.

Thank you for loving us as much as you do. Thank you for the countless times you stop to greet your fans even though you’re exhausted or sick. Thank you for the times you’ve gone out of your way to comfort a fan that was too nervous after meeting you to stand up straight. Thank you for giving us tickets to concerts when you have them, for giving us big smiles in photos and making videos for friends who weren’t able to be there.

Thank you for your open support for love of all kinds. For same love, different love, unique love, big love. Thank you for showing kindness when people tell you that you inspired them to be honest about their own hearts; for showing respect and support to those who haven’t found anyone else to accept them. Thank you for letting the world know that love is special and we should hold onto it if it finds us.

Thank you for continuing to pursue music after there was a window of an opportunity for you to give up. It would have been easy for you and the boys to bow out; say you’d given it a good run, and called it a day, but you didn’t, you all stayed for us. Thank you for that and the amazing show of loyalty that it was. You’re not damaged because of the loss of a band member, you’re a Phoenix who rose, as well as the three boys standing next to you. You’ve got fire on your wings and it’s a true show of bravery.

Above all else, Harry, thank you for giving me a place to feel like I can truly find happiness. Thank you for giving me my best friends; thank you for the endless nights of laughter and smiles, the best songs to listen to when you’re driving with the windows down. Thank you for giving me confidence in myself through the words you write, through the interviews you do, and through the actions you probably don’t even realize that you take. You are the best inspiration I could have asked to have, and I truly have been given a new lease on happiness thanks to you and the lads. I hope this finds you, and if it does I hope it leaves you with a smile, just as you’ve given so many of us. To us; you aren’t just another celebrity, you aren’t famous, you’re a boy who made his dream come true, a curly haired ball of energy who builds people up without knowing he does. You’re a guy with silly jokes, a contagious smile, a sultry voice, and a heart of gold; to us, that’s who you always have been, and always will be.

All the love – A

EDIT: So, Harry’s momma has read our post!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.