Dear One Direction, We Are Sorry

One Direction fans, better known as Directioner, are the strongest fandom when it comes to support the boys. They have already shown their dedication by trending many hashtags, winning awards at the very last minute, promoting a song that isn’t even a single.

We can all agree, we are the best fandom when it comes to make the boys happy and proud. But unfortunately, we are also the best at making ones mad and causing them to apologize, even when it’s not their fault. This is OUR fault. We always complain about how 2015 has been a tough year for us, but we are the one to blame here.

Dear Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn, we are sorry. We are truly sorry for what we have said and done without thinking that it could hurt/affect you in anyway. We are sorry for pushing you so far, even though we know you need some time for yourself. We are sorry for putting so much stress on you, especially on Zayn, causing him to leave for good. We used to be a family but the five years and all the rumours have torn us apart causing the fandom to split and take different paths. We can’t even get along without getting on a fight. We are sorry for sometimes focusing on the dramas things instead of the music. We come to realize thing when it’s too late nowadays. We are sorry boys, you need to be taken care of.

We are the one to blame. We feared that they would split up when we lost one member but they stayed and made a promise to never ever leave us. They stayed and recorded a whole new album. They stayed and released a single that top #1 within a few hours. They still put on amazing shows for their fans all around the world. And if seeing 80.000 fans in the stadium singing their heart out even when one guy is missing doesn’t make you proud, what will?

Sincerely, the One Direction Fanbase.

Written by CelebMix