Death 2 Normalcy: Misha Collins Unveils New Website to Promote GISHWHES

“Never underestimate the value of saying ‘I suck and I love to fail!’ and trying anyway… because trying for the dream is the whole fucking point, isn’t it?”

– Misha Collins

Whenever Misha Collins launches something new, the only thing known for certain is that it will not be anywhere near normal.

Of course, that is not a bad thing. It is pretty wonderful, actually. The longtime Supernatural star has never been a fan of the usual, leading to most of his ventures being wild, crazy, weird, and way out of the ordinary. Not only does that make him stand out, but it makes it incredibly fun to be one of his fans. No one ever quite knows what to expect. The man is a mystery that will (probably) never be solved.

For the last few weeks, Misha has been promoting the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen or, in short, GISHWHES. Since 2011, he has held the hunt every year. It has broken multiple world records. In the first year, around six thousand people participated. In 2016, that number reached fifty-five thousand.

The goal of GISHWHES is to not only break people out of their shells in an imaginative and compelling way, but it also raises funds for Misha’s charity, Random Acts. The foundation strives to spread kindness through one random act at a time.

Through the GISHWHES 2017 registration run, Misha has sent out multiple advertisements to encourage signups. Each one embodies his and the hunt’s weirdness to the fullest… including his latest release; a website by the name of Death 2 Normalcy.

The link Misha gave,, brings you to a phony-looking actor’s website. However, once you click on something, the page glitches. Within seconds, it transports the viewer to, which is a lot cooler.

Death 2 Normalcy!

The welcome video is the first piece of greatness that comes from the site. We will not spoil it for you, but we will describe it in three words: undoubtedly Misha Collins.

The second piece of greatness is the first tab: Founder Files. It gives Misha’s latest activity on his social media accounts, the cons he will be attending through 2017, as well as a Nest livestream no one quite understands (what the hell are we looking at?). Above all, the section features Misha’s autobiography. It is full of darling photos of him growing up, his family, and other things most important to him. They are surrounded by paragraphs and captions about him and his story, which are professionally unprofessional in the best way.

One of the many wonderful pictures found in Misha’s autobiography.

While Misha’s autobiography may be a lot of fans’ favorite thing about the website, that is not the only gem Death 2 Normalcy offers. The Service Bureau tab lets you learn more about Random Acts, Insurgency Department directly transfers you over to the GISHWHES website, and NOW! offers a short video on how the scavenger hunt works. People’s Cinema is also a treasure, which provides some of Misha’s best YouTube videos (“Cooking Fast & Fresh with West”), as well as an open chat.

Like many websites, there is also a shop, which can be found under Black Market. It is full of whacky items that you will not find anywhere else. What is even better is that for every sale, some of the proceeds go to Random Acts.

There is one tab on the website that does not quite match up with the others; Your Megaphone. Anyone who clicks on the section is met with the following message.

Write a note on a photo of an individual or pet who is no longer in your life, telling them what you wish you had said before they had passed away then upload the image with the note written on it.

Underneath it, there are photos upon photos that people have submitted. It has only been a couple of days, but some have already spoken out on the page, saying it helped them grieve over their loved ones.

Misha Collins is known for his kindness and devotion to helping people. Your Megaphone is just another reason why that is. It is also another reason why fans call him an angel both onscreen and offscreen.

Whether you plan on signing up for GISHWHES or not, Death 2 Normalcy is worth checking out. You will learn just a bit more of the mystery that is Misha Collins, and as many people know, his story is quite intriguing.

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Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at