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Demi Lovato Announces “CAST: On Tour” On Good Morning America

Demi Lovato had the honour of being named as one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People back in April of last year and after her latest announcement, it’s not hard to see why she made the list. During her visit to the, “Good Morning America,” studio this morning (24th January) the stunning singer unveiled her plans to take recovery programme, “CAST Centers,” on the road for her upcoming tour.

The superstar appeared on the morning show to talk all about her new music and the tour she will be embarking on in a few weeks, and it was then that she revealed the exciting news about, “CAST Centers,” going on the road alongside her.

For those who don’t already know, “CAST,” is a programme which Lovato herself is a partner with. It was founded over ten years ago with the goal of improving and expanding the lives of anyone who is suffering with mental health issues, alcohol and substance abuse, or simply a lack of passion or inspiration in life.

As a proud partner of the recovery programme, Lovato has done a lot of work with, “CAST,” over the years including taking them on tour with her when she last hit the road with Nick Jonas for their joint, “Future Now,” tour in 2016. Now she is planning to do the same when she starts her upcoming tour in February with DJ Khaled and Kehlani.

When the singer appeared on, “Good Morning America,” she talked about how she hopes to take away the stigma around mental health issues. “Mental health affects so many people and we need to take the stigma away from it,” she said before she was joined by her longtime friend, Founder and CEO of, “CAST Centers,” Mike Bayer to discuss her future plans.

After speaking about how the superstar went from patient to advocate and now a partner of, “CAST,” the pair exclusively revealed their plans to take the programme on tour for the second time.

“When I did the Future Now tour we bought CAST on tour and it was basically like a therapy session before the concerts… We have speakers and we help with different charities around the country so it will be incredible and a very moving and inspiring experience,” Lovato explained.

Anyone with a ticket to any show on Demi Lovato’s upcoming North American tour featuring DJ Khaled and Kehlani is eligible for a, “CAST: On Tour,” session. Although the sessions are free of charge to those who have purchased a concert ticket, you are advised to sign up to the programme as soon as possible as the sessions may sell out.

To ensure you get a seat in a, “CAST: On Tour,” session, click here.

Lovato finished her interview on, “Good Morning America,” with the statement, “My whole life is about giving back, and I think it’s really important to continue to do this while I’m on tour.”

And once again we were reminded why the singer is truly an angel.

You can watch Demi Lovato’s full appearance on, “Good Morning America,” below.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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