Demi Lovato doesn’t seem to be taking the whole ‘Poot Lovato’ conspiracy theory very well

If you’ve visited any social media site over the past couple of days, you’ve probably seen/heard of/choked on your cereal over the whole ‘Poot Lovato’ conspiracy theory.

If you haven’t, then all you really need to know to understand the whole scandal is that ‘Poot Lovato’ was created after a badly timed photo of Demi Lovato emerged on social media last week, which shortly played part in the ridiculous story that ‘Poot’ is Demi’s twin sister, who has been kept in a basement her whole life and the photo was taken the first time Poot was allowed to go outside, and interact with other humans.

Yes, this is really what the internet has come to.

Now, Poot Lovato has been causing an uproar on every social media, but it is safe to say that Demi does NOT seem to be impressed with the whole situation, which was suggested by some tweets that she posted that have now been deleted.

Her first tweet had an obvious tone of irritation about it, reading “Cool to see a sh**ty angle turn into a meme that circulates the Internet to people’s amusemant ha,” with the sarcastic “ha” on the end making it even more clear of her opinion on the matter.

The picture of Demi/Poot has now been edited on to numerous other things, including a ‘Winnie the Poot’, ‘Vladimir Pootin’, and (probably what annoyed Demi the most) put onto the album cover of her new single, ‘Cool for the Summer’ (Poot for the Summer).

So what does everyone think? Is Demi just trying to cover up Poot to ensure she doesn’t steal her limelight? Let us know by leaving a comment or tweeting us at @CelebMix .

Written by CelebMix