Demi Lovato Releases ‘Simply Complicated’ Documentary Detailing Personal Struggles & Achievements

Demi Lovato has released a new documentary titled Simply Complicated which describes how she has gotten to where she is now. From struggles to accomplishments to the making of her new album, the film is raw and moving.

Simply Complicated was uploaded onto YouTube on October 17th and explores Lovato’s troubled early life, particularly with her abusive birth father who struggled with addiction and left the family.

At first, Lovato seemingly follows in her father’s footsteps by battling alcohol and drug addiction. Her tendency to self-destruct continued as the singer battled eating disorders and manic depression which she has spoken publicly about.

After hitting rock bottom behind-the-scenes, she has now risen to stardom after being tee-total for five years with the support of her family, friends and channelling her anguish into her music. Nick Jonas, her manager Phil McIntyre and other family and friends all make cameos.

She also allows her fans to delve into her romantic life, talking about her six-year relationship with Wilmer Valderrama which ended last year. Although, she speaks amicably about him, she admits the breakup caused her to relapse.

She battled once again with her eating disorder by binging and purging so she could deal with the abscence of Valderrama. However, she has since recovered but she’s admitted “it’s an everyday battle” to Glamour.

She goes on to talk about purchasing her first home and how she is dating again via the app Raya. She confessed she is open to dating both males and females romantically, predominantly sport stars.

While the film looks into the difficulties and sufferings of both her private and public life, she maintains that these have been vital to her songs and connection with her followers.

“I know what music can get you through, I know what music can do emotionally for somebody because I’ve experienced it myself.”

“And I wanted to create that for other people. There’s nothing more beautiful than being able to connect with people through music, in my eyes,” Lovato stated at the end of the film.

You can watch it here:

Other celebrities and personalities have spoken about the moving film and offered their support to the Cool for the Summer artist.

We congratulate Demi on her new documentary and applaud her for being so open with her fans. We appreciate her honesty about the brutal nature of mental health issues and eating disorders.

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