Demi Lovato Returns to Twitter More Honest Than Ever

While Demi Lovato’s social media hiatus may have only lasted 24 hours, it seems that she’s returned with some pretty strong opinions.

Demi took to Twitter live from the studio, where she says she “gettin honest” with her new music. But her songs aren’t the only place where she’s making her views known. And from the looks of her recent tweets, she has a bone to pick with the media and the people who buy into it.

In her first tweet, Demi calls out the citizens of the United States, accusing them of knowing more about celebrity gossip than serious issues going on in their country, as well as overseas. Following this, she posted a poll, asking people if they could name one person on the FBI’s most wanted list. The results? Of those who answered, 30% said they could, 32% didn’t know what the list was, and 38% said the only list they could rattle off was all of Bieber’s exes. It seems as though the numbers were in Demi’s favor.

She followed up with a couple more tweets on the issue.

Demi’s points are definitely valid, and we agree that people should be more informed on political, historical, and societal issues. With how much is going on around the globe, it’s important for teens to be up to date on current events; after all, they will be the ones who have to learn to navigate this world when they’re adults in a few short years .

And it seems like many Twitter users agree with Demi, as well.

But at the same time, she received some backlash. And there’s one overwhelming point that people are trying to make.

There’s nothing wrong with being interested celebrity gossip. For most, it’s just a silly, entertaining part of our society that people use to pass the time, whether it be reading a gossip mag on the commute to work, or scrolling through Twitter after a long day of classes. And while celebrity gossip has it’s downsides, it’s not right to claim that people who enjoy it are uneducated or uninformed. In fact, with all the tragedies that are occurring around our globe on a regular basis, it’s sort of nice to read up on something a little less scary, like the latest Hollywood marriage, or who the new ‘It’ couple is. And while Demi makes some good points, her words have left a few fans of hers a bit hurt.

Both sides of the argument are valid and reasonable, and we’d love to hear your take on the issue! Let us know how you feel in the comments, or tweet us at @CelebMix!




Written by CelebMix