Demi Lovato Slams Internet Talk

It’s a known fact that when you are given the limelight of being a celebrity, your rate of success unfortunately opens doors for people to comment negatively on every aspect of your life. These people, as we know them, are normally characterized as cowardly.

Here at CelebMix, we are far from commending on unnecessary bullying. So is Demi Lovato. 

Late last night, the “Confident” singer took to Twitter and briefly spoke out against the he said-she said of the internet.

The singer revealed that ultimately, she feels “misunderstood, particularly by those who continously harass her well being on public platforms.”

With a following of over 35 million, we can see Lovato’s frustration; “Maybe my midnight rants are a part of my bipolar disorder. Can’t change being crazy… But you can press unfollow.” (Are we the only ones who are bothered by people who follow celebrities just to tear them down publicly?)

“Imagine the love of your life/biggest crush finding out you spend your time on the internet commenting negative shit about celebrities… Embarrassed? Imagine your grandparents finding out you spend your free time being an internet troll to celebrities you don’t even know. Or imagine telling your future children how you spent more time cyber bullying strangers than you did building a better future for them…”

Although her final tweet concluded that she was going to sleep, Demi took to Snapchat to get her final word in;

“I hear haters because I am human. I react because I am human. I am NOT a victim. I don’t want your sympathy and I don’t need anyone’s empathy.” 

Well, it seems to us that the singer spoke out a majority of what other celebrities are thinking – because at the end of the day, they are human beings just like the rest of us. Their lifestyles may not be corresponding to ours, and we may not receive things on such a large scale, but that does not strip them from their sensitivity and ability to feel the things that we all feel.

Demi has certainly come a long way since the start of her career, and continously makes us proud to be supporters.
Demi Lovato Slams Internet Talk 2

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Written by Victoria Christiano

An iced coffee enthusiast who loves to write and take photos.