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Demi Lovato releases brand new single ‘Sorry Not Sorry’

After shaking up the charts with two recent collabs, Demi Lovato is finally back with a new solo single and sorry not sorry, but we absolutely love it!

‘Sorry Not Sorry’ is a ‘screw you’ anthem which sticks a middle finger up to anyone who’s ever done you wrong. Produced by Zaire Koalo, Trevor Brown and Warren “Oak” Felder, the track has an overall soulful RnB vibe to it. Lyrically, the pre-chorus is super sassy and prepares you for Demi to confidently deliver the feisty chorus.

Payback is a bad bitch and baby, I’m the baddest
You f–kin’ with a savage, can’t have this, can’t have this
And it’d be nice of me to take it easy on ya, but nah

Baby, I’m sorry (I’m not sorry), baby, I’m sorry (I’m not sorry)
Being so bad got me feelin’ so good, showing you up like I knew that I would
Baby, I’m sorry (I’m not sorry), baby, I’m sorry (I’m not sorry)
Feeling inspired ’cause the tables have turned, yeah, I’m on fire and I know that it burns

The track was released at midnight in support of Amazon Prime Day, therefore Demi sat down with Amazon Music to discuss the track in detail. Speaking about the song, she said: “‘Sorry Not Sorry’ is a song to the haters that is basically saying, ‘You know what? I’m good now. And sorry I’m not sorry that you may not be loving where your life is at the moment. A lot of people hear the song and they think it’s about an ex-boyfriend or something like that, but it’s actually just a song about the haters.”

We can also expect a cool music video for ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ soon, with cameos from the likes of Paris Hilton and Wiz Khalifa. “It’s not as intense as you think it is. It’s a lighthearted song, and so the video is going to be lighthearted, too. You don’t want it to seem angsty. You don’t want it to seem angry by any means,” Demi said. “So, the video is going to be a giant house party. I threw a house party a couple months ago, and it ended up being so random and so much fun, and we want to recreate that for the video.”

Before the release of ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, Demi shared a letter with her fans on Twitter which thanked them for their patience, love and light. During her time away, Demi has been able to experience many things which have left her feeling energized and inspired. Fans can expect more new music soon, with ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ acting as a taste of what’s to come.

‘Sorry Not Sorry’ is the first solo single from Demi since her 2016 release, ‘Body Say’. During the first half of 2017, she has featured on two hit collaborations: ‘No Promises’ with Cheat Codes, and ‘Instruction’ with Jax Jones and Stefflon Don. Whilst both of these songs have been infectious dance tracks, we can expect a lot more soul on her sixth studio album which is guaranteed to show off her incredible vocals.

We’re SO excited for the new era of Demi Lovato – if ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ is anything to go by, then we’re going to continue being blown away by the talented songstress.

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