Demi Lovato Speaks Up Against Stalking

Demi Lovato has taken to social media to speak up about something that is making her extremely uncomfortable on Instagram this evening.

Lovato had it brought to her attention that an account on Instagram today by the name of StalkerSarah has been having a number of photos taken with Demi’s sister Madison, all of the photos in question have been captioned to make it sound like the Instagram user and Demi’s sister are friends.


Demi commented on one of the photos StalkerSarah posted of Sarah and sister, Madison saying:

Demi Lovato Speaks Up Against Stalking 1

Demi also had it brought to her attention by a long-time friend that StalkerSarah was claiming to be friendly with Demi, calling her “my girl”. Demi wasn’t too happy about it and took directly to the Instagram post to express her unhappiness at the matter:

Demi Lovato Speaks Up Against Stalking 4

The account has numerous photos with numerous celebrities that the Instagram User StalkerSarah has found, all of which show the same claim, that the celebrities and Sarah are good friends.

According to Twitter account PopCrave, StalkerSarah has taken to Twitter to say that Demi has been hacked.

Demi Lovato Speaks Up Against Stalking 3

Yet Marissa, Demi’s long-time friend has Tweeted (and since deleted that Tweet) that Demi’s Instagram has not been hacked at all. Dallas and Madison, Demi’s sisters have deleted any photos that they have with StalkerSarah in the mean time.

Fans and Twitter users have taken to Twitter to express their opinion on the matter:

It’s quite clear that Demi means business when it comes to standing up for what she believes in and looking out for her family. We stand by celebrities and their privacy, it’s important to remember they are human too!

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Written by CelebMix