Demi Lovato : Top 10 Instapics

Demi Lovato debuted as a child artist in Barney and Friends and shot to fame after starring in Camp Rock in 2008.  Since then, she has come a long way and has established herself as an actress, model, singer and above all, the winner of many hearts. She is one of the most popular celebs on Instagram. She has around 31.8 million fans and followers who love and support her immensely for all her endeavours.

Here are some of the best photographs that has garnered Demi Lovato much love and appreciation from her fans, friends and followers on Instagram.


Black has always been the colour of elegance and beauty. Thus, this black suit accentuates her natural beauty and makes her appearance all the more stunning.


Demi Lovato in her performance mood. This singer/actor posted this photograph which was taken during one of her on stage performances. Another ‘Black Beauty’ appearance.


Party time is a must with friends, to take a break from the long hours of work schedule. This photograph posted with Kate Hudson surely shows how happy people look while partying. And during parties, a customary selfie with friends is mandatory.


This really cool and casual look makes Lovato look even prettier.


Another casual look with a dog by her side. Both of them look really good in this photograph and complement each other. This is one pairing that the audience really loves.


Another natural photograph. Keeping your make-up to the minimum does make you look even prettier.


The glowing fresh skin amidst the harsh winter. It is often difficult to maintain beautiful skin when the dry winter approaches. Thus, cosmetics and beauty creams are always on a lookout for a fresh and beautiful face like Lovato’s to help them drive their campaigns during Winter.


A very glowy Demi Lovato behind the steering or enjoying the ride?


After a performance. Tired yet elegant.


And we save the best for the last. This classy and chic look adorned by Lovato makes her steal the hearts of anyone and everyone who sees this photograph.

Which is your favourite photograph among these ten. Let us know why @CelebMix.


Written by CelebMix