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Derek Luh Releases Music Video For ‘Jerry Maguire’

Just a day or so ago, social media sensation, recording artist, model, and entrepreneur Derek Luh released the music video for “Jerry Maguire.”

Luh, pronounced “Lou,” definitely has it going on, not only musically, but as a visionary businessperson who has overcome a variety of obstacles.

Since 2013, he’s worked with Dizzy Wright, French Montana, and Wale, along with touring with Machine Gun Kelly and IAMSU!, as well as appearing in campaigns for Puma, Diesel, Armani Exchange, Lacoste, and Snapchat.

At the present time, Luh is putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming EP, in cooperation with Vydia.

CelebMix caught up with Derek Luh to find out more about his influences, what inspired “Jerry Maguire,” and what we can expect next.

Who is your favorite artist currently?

That’s hard! Can I have two? Damn…actually three: Dominic Fike, Snoh Aalegra and Frank Ocean.

Your sound has seen quite the evolution since you started releasing music. Are there any artists in particular that have helped to shape that evolution?

I can definitely say Sublime has had a big impact on the direction I wanted to go with my music.

What is on your playlists right now?

I’m such a nostalgic type person so I listen to like the same 10 songs. But mostly old Wayne… Sublime…Red Hot Chili Peppers…Rage Against the Machine…50 Cent…DMX… Coheed & Cambria…Tupac…Hawthorne Heights…The Temptations…Frank Ocean…OutKast.

Why make music? I mean…what’s the point?

I just love being creative. I love being able to express myself through music whether it’s deep and vulnerable or just talking shit.

What inspired your new song “Jerry Maguire?”

Honestly, I had no idea what to write about in the studio. I kinda had this writer’s block and was just rambling random phrases over the baseline and it clicked: we were all like, yeah, that’s it… “I know you’re wondering what I’m gonna say.”

What’s next for Derek Luh? Will you be touring soon?

More music…more music videos. Got an EP coming out early next year. Got a couple of things I’ve been working on that I can’t quite talk about just yet. And of course, touring is always a priority. As soon as I drop the EP I’m back on the road.

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