Dia Releases New Video For “Synchronised Swimming”

Indie Rock artist, Dia, has just released the music video for her song, “Synchronized Swimming” via Wonderland Magazine.

Danielle Birrittella is the artist behind “Dia.” She began singing as a child, and eventually started training and performing as an opera singer, touring throughout the United States and Europe. After her brother gifted her a ukulele, she began experimenting in writing her own songs. She received support not only from her brother, but everyone closest to her to pursue her passion. The result was her EP Tiny Ocean, which was released by Manimal Records and includes her song “Synchronized Swimming.” The EP also features songs produced by Joey Waronker (Beck, REM, Atoms for Peace), Tim Carr (The Americans, HAIM) and Frankie Siragusa (theLAB).

Tiny Ocean is a blend of different musical influences of Dia’s, including Baroque and French Romantics and modern experimental indie folk. Dia describes her EP as perfect to listen to while taking a long drive in the car.

“The grandness and the movement of being on the road supports the grandness and the movement of the songs”.

Her latest release, “Synchronized Swimming,” is truly captivating, and its music video is equally dreamy and hypnotizing. Viewers are taken on a journey in the video, as they see different summer images, paired with Dia’s soft voice and lyrics.

When speaking to Wonderland Magazine about her new video, Dia says, “We recorded ‘Synchronized Swimming’ during the summer, in Venice.” She continues, “All of the footage is really a diary of the summer and somehow became the song itself.”

Watch Dia’s new video for “Synchronized Swimming” right here!

Dia also adds that the inspiration to create her EP came from a 12th century poem in which Kafiristan confesses “since you love me and I love you the rest matters not”. Dia thought “the idea of just total surrender to love, martyrdom for love is power.”

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Written by Michele Mendez

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