Diamond Studs vs. Moissanite Stud Earrings: Why Each Sparkle Differently

Since the discovery of moissanite, there have been great comparisons with diamonds due to their almost-similar characteristics. When we talk of moissanite stud earrings

, there will always be some interest in the diamond counterparts. Therefore, the diamond-moissanite comparison continues. These two stones are known for their superior qualities of hardness and sparkle. However, they are not the same. 

As much as people want to believe that diamond is the same as moissanite, they are not the same. Therefore, it would be important to study them closely to know their differences and the reasons behind them. Even though they look the same, they are different in many ways. They do have an attractive sparkle but yet again, it is different. Why is this so? Read on to find out! 

Diamond’s and Moissanite’s Different Sparkle 

Those who have had a chance to interact with various gemstones can tell the difference in sparkle between these two stones. The comparison between real diamonds and moissanite tells it all. Despite their close resemblance, they have slight differences in their sparkle and this boils down to brilliance. Here is what you should know: 

  • Brilliance is the quality of white light reflected off a gemstone. It is an optical property that reflects the value and beauty of a gem. Ultimately, it influences the price of a gemstone. In addition, this quality points to the stone’s sparkle and brightness. 
  • Moissanite gives off a different brilliance from that of diamonds. This is due to the faceting pattern, which is unique to each one of them. For moissanite, it emits a fiery, rainbow disco ball effect when exposed to sunlight. 
  • A bigger stone exhibits more fire and brilliance than a smaller one. Therefore, it is important to compare the same-size of diamond and moissanite stones to tell the accurate difference in sparkle. 
  • The refractive index of gemstones is a scientific value that rates the quality of brilliance. For moissanite, it rates between 2.65 to 2.69, which is higher than that of a diamond. Therefore, moissanite shines better than diamond. 
  • The quality to reflect light off the surface of a gemstone depends on its size, shape and cut. This quality is more defined in moissanite than in diamonds. In addition, it depends on the sourcing method. For diamond, it is restricted to their original cut from the mines. However, jewelers can shape moissanite the way they want producing smooth cuts for a perfect sparkle and brilliance.
  • Natural diamonds reflect light differently in three ways. The white light bouncing off its surface is known as brilliance. On the other part, the rainbow colors are referred to as dispersion.

Surface sparkle is called scintillation. This is a combination of all the light reflections coming off the stone’s surface.  

Moissanite is a lab-grown stone, unlike naturally occurring diamonds. With improved manufacturing processes, dealers have managed to produce high-quality moissanite stones. Therefore, they make better moissanite cuts in the lab to produce the kind of sparkle they want. 

Why you should care about gemstone sparkle

The fire and brilliance of jewelry is central to its quality. The sparkle it gives to the owner speaks a lot about its quality. Therefore, it is an important aspect of beauty and elegance for stud earrings. Since diamond and moissanite sparkle differently, it would be a prudent idea to pick the option that sparkles better. 

High fire and brilliance give your earrings high quality and value. Therefore, they will fetch a higher price than a set that looks dull. This is an important buying tip for earrings shoppers.  It is not good quality if it does not shine well. Any stone shinning the most implies better quality and will be highly priced.

Diamond studs and moissanite stud earrings sparkle almost the same way. However, moissanite products have a better shine. The reason for the difference is in their shape, size and cut. Therefore, these are key determinants of the fire and brilliance that the gemstone will carry. 

If you are not sure of these two, you now know that moissanite stud earrings will shine better than diamond studs. This is all because of the difference in their refractive indices stemming from their faceted patterns and cuts. 

Written by Monella