Dinah Jane Of Fifth Harmony Promises New Album Will Be Released At The Top Of 2016

Following a very successful year consisting of platinum certified songs and a top 5 debut U.S. album, Fifth Harmony are coming back already with new plans and new ways to surprise everyone.

According to a Spin interview with Dinah Jane of Fifth Harmony, in terms of sound, “this lane we’re going with is kind of reggae-rhythmic and kind of urban”.

Wow! Delving into this genre mixture sounds fun (think of global smash hit ‘Rude’ and Alexandra Stan’s ‘Lemonade’).

Reggae has certainly always been a kind of border breaker in terms of mainstream impact.

While the genre was particularly more popular within the early 2000’s, the girls could maybe (just somehow) bring the reggae trend back in style!

In addition, Miss Dinah also explained how this album is much more personal than their debut album and has more input from the girls as well.

Working with Max Martin on this new album has already amassed huge anticipation and we are certain that Fifth Harmony’s new album will be one of 2016’s top contenders.

Are you excited for the new era of Fifth Harmony?

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Written by Dannii C.

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