Directioners Win Best Fandom at the CelebMix Awards

There is no doubt that being a part of a fandom is the greatest thing in the world. This month, you have been voting like crazy for the best one and we can proudly say that the award for Best Fandom at the CelebMix Awards 2016 goes to the Directioners.

One Direction fans are not only loyal, dedicated, and passionate. They have proved that they have the biggest hearts we have ever seen. When they’re not supporting One Direction, they are raising money and awareness for great causes. Every time a member of the band celebrates a birthday, the fans raise thousands of dollars to a charity that is close to the boys’ hearts. When someone in One Direction is hurting, the fans mourn with them and support them through the bad times. When they’re happy, the fans will celebrate them and make sure they know that they are loved. The One Direction fandom is a family and that is why Directioners are the Best Fandom of 2016.

Congratulations Directioners!

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Written by CelebMix