DISCOVER: Alternative Rock Swiss Artist, Marty McKay

DISCOVER: Alternative Rock Swiss Artist, Marty McKay

Marty McKay is an alternative rock artist all the way from Zurich, Switzerland. Off of his latest album New York City Dreams, Marty just released his chilling video for “Escape.”

As soon as you play the video, it feels like you’ve just put on a horror/thriller flick. Throughout the video you’re seeing the life of a woman as she goes by her to day-to-day life. She then meets a man (played my Marty) and slowly falls for him. By the end of the video, her day starts all over again, but something feels off.

We’re not sure if the man’s goal was to win the woman’s love based off of the “stalker-like” intro that shows photos on the wall, but that’s the assumption we got. We couldn’t help but feel that the man was in some way trying to fight his inner demons, making sure to not hurt the woman. Aside the video being a bit confusing with how it ended, both the song and video still did catch our attention in a good way.

“It’s not where you’re from that matters, it’s where you are at,” says Marty. That’s a big hint as to why this Swiss artist gave his album the title New York City Dreams. The album is actually about his thoughts and experiences while exploring the Big Apple.

But what’s interesting about this rockstar is that starting in 2004 he joined rap artist Vanilla Ice on stage for several tours throughout Europe and California. Going from rap to rock, New York City Dreams shows how diverse Marty truly is.

You can purchase New York City Dreams on iTunes HERE.

01.   Escape
02.   Empire Town
03.   Out Of The Blue
04.   When The Lights Go Out
05.   Into The Fire
06.   Love Suicide
07.   Another Life
08.   Outta Sight Outta Mind
09.   Until The Pain Is Gone

Check out the video for “Escape” below:

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Marty McKay

Written by Melanie Gomez

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