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DISCOVER: Anthem rock band VISTA

If you’re a fan of Against The Current, PVRIS, and Set It Off, then VISTA are definitely going to be welcome additions to your Spotify playlists.

The anthem rock trio, made up of frontwoman Hope Vista, guitarist Greg Almeida and drummer Matthew Vlossack, were coined one of Rock Sound’s “On The Radar” bands just months after their resurrection.

Earlier this year, VISTA released their debut EP Versus, a four-track offering full of high energy, strong anthemic tracks guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

‘Mansions’ is the perfect opening track, with its thumping chorus and Hope’s raw vocals. It leads on onto ‘The Departed’, a slightly heavier track with a rockier sound throughout. The poignant lyrics will be ones you can resonate with. The third track on the EP, ‘On The Brink’, was also the band’s debut single. This track is more rock-pop, but the chorus is still anthemic, a running theme throughout all of VISTA’s tracks. The last track on the EP is ‘I Hope You Understand’, which starts off on a sombre note, before kicking into a pop-punk chorus complete with shouted gang vocals.

In an interview with Myspace, lead singer Hope explained the reasoning behind the EP name.

“I’d put up these two pictures side by side on Twitter; one of me wearing makeup and one without. I just tweeted ‘VERSUS’ with it. At the time, I was writing VISTA’s record and trying to figure out what the commonality was between all the songs, because I knew there was something but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

“After I tweeted that, it just hit me; ‘versus’ was the theme. All the songs I’d written had been about one thing versus another. ‘Mansions’ is the idea of a house versus a home, ‘The Departed’ is about grief versus acceptance, ‘On The Brink’ is solo versus band, and ‘I Hope You Understand’ is lie versus truth. I didn’t even realize that I’d done that; it just happened subconsciously while I was writing all the lyrics. So ‘VERSUS’ seemed like the right fit!”

VISTA is the brainchild of Hope, who previously had a decade long solo career. Since forming the band, it has had a bit of a line-up shake up. However, with new members Greg and Matthew on board, at least one new single to be released before the year is out, and plenty of shows to look forward to, the new look VISTA are ready to take on the rock world.

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