DISCOVER: Barbudo and Their Highly Anticipated Single, ‘Secret Admirer’

Barbudo are our latest discovery with their single, 'Secret Admirer'!

Here at CelebMix, we’re all for new music and discovering new artists. This time around, we are taking a look at Barbudo with their Nu-eyed Funk single, ‘Secret Admirer’.

Who Are Barbudo?

Barbudo is a British musical group from the south coast town of Havant, Portsmouth. Fusing elements of old-school funk, psych rock and smooth R&B, brothers Ben and Harry Stanworth, along with Elliot Salter have established an intoxicating sound which oozes charm and flamboyancy. The sound can be described as ‘Nu-eyed Funk’.

Taking inspiration from the pioneers of 70’s funk, soul and disco, as well as acts such as Steely Dan, Shuggie Otis and The Isley Brothers, Barbudo have concocted a sound equal parts contemporary with yesteryear’s glow. This unique blend has given the band the distinct sound that has been winning over music lovers across the nation.

Barbudo have already received both critical and commercial success, having performed to sold-out venues, whilst racking up a number of support slots with internationally renown acts. DIY Magazine editor and record label executives recently chose Barbudo as the winner of ‘Record Store Day Unsigned’ competition for their video ’SXC’, resulting in an EP being pressed to vinyl and sold in stores nationwide.

Following the success of their previous EP ‘Pleasures’, which was released under Pie & Vinyl Records, Barbudo are now ready to unveil their latest single ‘Secret Admirer’. Drenched in funk-fuelled melodies, shimmering vocal harmonies and groove-laden basslines, the single radiates sonic colours.

You can stream their previous EP, ‘Pleasures’ below:

What do we think of ‘Secret Admirer’?

Here at CelebMix, we are loving our latest discovery; it’s such a unique blend of instruments and soft vocals which you wouldn’t expect to hear in such a modern age. Everyone is so caught up in making electronic commercial music, you forget and underestimate the power of real musical instruments. We are certain this is the only the start of a very successful musical career for the Portsmouth trio and can’t wait to see what they pull off next!

Barbudo’s latest single, ‘Secret Admirer’ is available now.



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