Discover: Boy In Space releases moving pop single “7UP”

If you have been exploring new releases on Spotify, you might have come across “7UP” by Boy In Space. Robin Lundbäck who goes by the stage name Boy In Space hails from Alingäs, Sweden and with four songs listed on the platforms, the singer has just started his journey in the industry. Released on May 29th, 2019 via a video on YouTube and as audio via streaming platforms, his new single has been steadily gaining traction amongst listeners.

The irresistible charm of the song lies in its paradoxical setup. The heartwrenching tale of love is conveyed to the audience through emotive melodies. Making effective use of pop melodies, the singer gives an uninterrupted sonic experience, compelling one to play the song on loop. The same flow can be seen in the lyrics as well, creating a poetic allure for the single. Lyrically, the song talks about the challenges one encounters with love. Shedding the garb of optimism that is usually ascribed to the emotion, Boy In Space talks about the crisis it can lead to when the participants are not able to comprehend the situation and their response to it. The song works through a series of paradoxes, depicting the yearning for love while at the same time, accepting that it’s going to be unrequited. The confusion does not result from the response but from one’s urge to remain with the source of pain. The song hits it where it hurts the most.

Cited on Bong Magazine, Boy In Space described his new track and shared,

“‘7UP’ is very simply about how love isn’t easy. The lyrics portray this feeling in the context of your everyday neighborhood house party. Sometimes, we can get so caught up with being in love that we let someone hurt us.”

The video provides a backdrop to the story narrated by the protagonist. Placed structurally amidst the hazy environment of parties, the confusion that permeates the mood of partygoers (universally) has been translated into an individual’s existential crisis. But unlike parties, one cannot escape the reality of pain. The song neither criticises nor it preaches one to conduct their lives in a certain way. Instead, it appreciates the complexity of life without passing judgement on what seemed like a failed relationship. With an open-ended ending, the singer has left the job of interpretation to the listeners.

As an artist, Boy In Space seems to possess an understanding of his musical vision and the refreshing sound he is offering to the audiences will definitely make an artist one must look out for.

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