DISCOVER: Canadian Indie Folk Artist, Thorin Loeks

DISCOVER: Canadian Indie Folk Artist, Thorin Loeks

Thorin (Thor) Loeks is a Canadian indie folk artist who’s inspired by years of traveling, friendships, struggles, growing pains, stories, and insights.

Since he loves traveling so much, he spent a lot of his time doing outdoor related jobs, while still bringing his guitar with him. An example of one of those outdoor related jobs was being in the Amazon jungle and bicycling across America. This was one of his many dreams that he conquered.Thor bought a bicycle and peddled 7000 km, over the course of 2 summers, across rural northern United States and Canada, with a guitar on his back, still playing music.

Bicycling across America was one of the many experiences that inspired his song writing and musical style. Thor has also canoed 3,800 km down the Mississippi River from Northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. While doing that, he filmed a videography project about happiness and how meaningful life is to the various people he met on his journey.

Thanks to those experiences, he was able to write and release his debut album, Thirsty Hearts, which is available now.

Thirsty Hearts delves into varying facets of the human experience as we strive to navigate towards a greater understanding, purpose and harmony with ourselves, our world, and each other,” says Thor.

Thor is currently living North Vancouver, Canada, finishing the final year of a communications degree at Capilano University while following his music dreams at the same time.

You can purchase Thirsty Hearts HERE.

Check out a song off of his debut album below:

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Thorin Loeks

Written by Melanie Gomez

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