DISCOVER: Country Rock Duo, Edward & Graham

DISCOVER: Country Rock Duo, Edward & Graham

Edward & Graham is a country rock duo consisting of Johnny Edward (vocals, guitar) and Evan Graham Dunn (vocals, guitar.) Although they’re a new band, these two guys from Chicago, Illinois didn’t let that stop them from releasing their latest single “Menomonee Road.”

“We envisioned an urban cowboy. We asked ourselves what that means, what they’d be listening to and what that sounds like.” – Edward

“These are songs for the person who doesn’t want to admit they like country and for the country fan that needs something fresh and exciting.” – Graham

Edward & Graham have always enjoyed working together, but becoming a duo may have been one of the best decisions they ever made. Raised on different types of music such as rock, folk, and pop, listeners can hear a special blend of each genre in their music, making their distinct country rock sound.

Their goal with their music was to bring something new to the table as well as give their fans a song that they couldn’t get out of their head. With lyrics like, “I’m on the run yeah / I’m on the run / One hand on the wheel and the other on the gun,” and “Whiskey on my breathe and bottles on the seat,” we couldn’t help but tap our feet to this song. So when it comes to being new and catchy, mission accomplished.

If you enjoy listening to “Menomonee Road,” be sure to find more music from Edward & Graham in the spring. Till then, if you ever want to escape your troubles, we suggest you sit back, relax, and listen to this track.

Check out their single “Menomonee Road” below:

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Edward & Graham:


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