DISCOVER: Eagle I Stallian Release "Between Dreams"

Progressive House Group Eagle I Stallian Release “Between Dreams”

“”Between Dreams” is about the stifling battle between your reality, and your conviction to your dreams and aspirations. Moments come and moments go as you try your utmost to achieve what you consider ‘’the dream’’. And despite your efforts, sometimes you are taken two steps back because reality starts to kick in. You must always move forward. ‘’If you believe, you have to try’’ is one of the phrases within the song. It is through our natural desire for our dreams which push us forward, so that hopefully our dream, can themselves, become the reality.”

According to progressive house group, Eagle I Stallian, that’s what their latest song, “Between Dreams,” featuring Brandon Mignacca is all about.

Eagle I Stallian isn’t too new to the music scene, they’ve been involved in the music scene for more than 10 years. What kept them in the music scene for so long was their passion for music. They’re constantly inspired by numerous encounters, a true love for meeting new people and an aspiration for travelling.

In August of 2014, they performed on the main stage at Montreal’s Ile Soniq Festival. They were lucky enough to share the stage with Tiesto, Dillon Francis, Bingo Players, and Laidback Luke. They were even re-invited in 2015 to perform for the industry’s backstage after-party right after Deadmau5’s set.

For all our progressive house/electronic fans, is that cool or what?

Check out their single “Between Dreams” below and check out their official website HERE.

Written by Melanie Gomez

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