DISCOVER: Powerdul Electro-Pop Artist, Felix Devotion

DISCOVER: Powerful Electro-Pop Artist, Felix Devotion

Felix Devotion is an electro-pop singer, composer, and song writer from New York. It was after moving to Manhattan, New York in 2008 that he began work under the fictitious name while attending college for acting and performance.

His latest EP, entitled Feminine Being, is his research project in order to focus on ones internal balance between the masculine and feminine.

Throughout the video “At War” off of his EP, viewers see Felix breaking down within the multiple close ups of his face. Each of these close ups emphasize the emotions that he’s going through. You can only imagine what the song is about as he repeats the chorus, “We are at war, in this town.”

We see this song as a powerful anthem of the battle that people go through everyday in the world when it comes to fighting for equality. With lyrics such as,  “I’ll find love in the trees, serenity,” and “Never no never don’t keep love in. Never no never be scared again,” you can’t help but feel empowered after listneing to this song.

If you love artist like Bastille, you may love Felix Devotion.

You can buy Feminine Being HERE.

Check out his powerful video for “At War” below:

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Felix Devotion

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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