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LISTEN: Finn Matthews and his single ‘Half Hearted’

Finn Matthews is a rising pop star who you definitely need to know about.

His career began when he found a mentor in Elijah Blake, who’s written for Usher and Rihanna. They happened to meet one day in a recording studio, and the rest, as they say, is history. “Every generation has their own superstar that acts as a time stamp for young love and youthful memories in song form,” states Elijah of his protégé. “I truly feel that Finn possesses the kind of star power to be “it” for the new phase in music culture that’s happening now.”

Finn’s ready to take on the world with his new single, a slick pop track called ‘Half Hearted’. Premiering the video with Sweety High, Finn described Half Hearted as “a story about someone not being fully committed to something. In the song, it means this in a romantic way, but this idea can go with anything—why would you go to the gym if youre only going to do one push up? Why would you buy a coffee if youre only going to take one sip? I think most people will be able to relate to this. This song is about love, but I can think of countless times when I wonder if Ive really given it my best.

The video for the track captures the infatuation of young love and encourages everyone to love without holding back. Finn’s voice is soulful and the track is mature and wise beyond his young years.

Watch the ‘Half Hearted’ video below.

2017 looks set to be a promising year for Finn Matthews, and we’re excited for what the future has in store for him. “I have always loved music because it allows me to express myself,” says Finn. “I can’t wait to share my voice with the world.”

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PHOTO CREDIT: j3collection

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