Discover Hayley Orrantia’s latest song ‘Give Me Back Sunday’

Hayley Orrantia is one of our breakout stars of 2017. The actress/singer has a lead role in the hit eighties comedy ‘The Goldbergs’ and has launched a career as a country singer.

Some may criticize her for joining a plethora of actresses that have turned to music as another career option but Orrantia isn’t like most actresses-turned-singers. She was a singer/songwriter first, before she was ever an actress. She began songwriting at age 13, and was singing even before then. Moreover, she never imagined herself getting into acting, but was encouraged to do so by record label execs.

In 2011, she auditioned for the first season of X Factor USA and became a part of a country/pop group named Lakoda Rayne. The group reached the final 9 and were the last group in the competition, although the group did not win and eventually ended up disbanding. Orrantia continued to pursue her writing and after landing a role on The Goldbergs, she found that she was presented with a platform that would fully allow her to kick start her music career.

In the last few years, she has released country crooners such as ‘Strong, Sweet and Southern’ and ‘Until Then’. But most recently, the singer released a powerful song titled ‘Give Me Back Sunday’. The song details her experience with homesickness after leaving Texas at the age of 19 to pursue her dreams.

When talking about the writing process behind the song to an online publication, she said:

“I actually wrote it awhile back about when I first moved to LA and I really was homesick. I was really excited at first to move out there and I really had never been outside my hometown.”

“I had visited places but being away from my parents, who I’m so close to, was hard. I kind of had a switch in that first year where I was like, ‘wow, I really miss being back home’ and the things about home that make it feel like a small town’”

With just a concept and a few lines, the star brought her idea to songwriter Jason Saenz and Todd Clark who immediately resonated with the song, working on it straightaway

“I feel like it really didn’t take that long. I mean, it was just one of those experiences where everyone kind of immediately got in tune with the idea.”

In even bigger news, Radio Disney has secured the rights to play the song on Radio Disney Country. This will likely be massive for the star in terms of promotion. It is a move that will definitely see her attract attention from a new fan-base.

Talking about the news, the star said “I’m still in shock that they want to do this,” she shared. “Growing up, I listened to Radio Disney all the time and I know my parents were so sick of hearing, at the time, what was Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff over and over again. To be in the family, specifically with Radio Disney Country, I think it’s awesome and I’m so thankful that they’re giving me the opportunity.”

Watch her music video for ‘Give Me Back Sunday’ below.

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