DISCOVER: Hemingway

Tucked away at a little venue in Winchester, VA was an extraordinary band by the name of Hemingway.

Ray Buckner (vocalist/guitar), Logan Patton (guitar), Michael Stidham (bass/vocals) and Nick Williamson (drums) are all members of the star quality 4-piece band.

The band came to light in 2013 and has been pushing hard to get their name out there. They released a full-length album entitled Light Will Follow which has since led up to the release of their most recent album Middleground.

The vocals CelebMix experienced at this recent show of theirs were nothing short of breathtaking. The lead singer made you feel each and every word and all of the band members were performing their hearts out. The crowd gathered around the stage without having to do much and after every song they received praise from on lookers.

Their personalities pushed through the lighting and onto the smiling faces of the listeners; an unreal amount of stage presence.

DISCOVER: Hemingway 2

In between songs, the band plugged how they wanted to be there for their fans… “Just know someone is going to be there for you…”, the lead singer professed as he moved into their last song on stage.

With songs like “The Heart” and “Tell Me”, how can you not believe Hemingway is wholesome and true to their words?

We encourage you all to not just listen to their music, which is available here, but also to see this band live. You’ll never forget the experience.

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