Discover How Megan Thee Stallion Has Helped Make Fashion Nova Even More Inclusive

Fashion Nova has partnered with several celebrities over the last few years to create items that customers love.

In April 2020, Megan Thee Stallion announced her collaboration with Fashion Nova to create a fashion line for tall girls. Even amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Meg is doing her part to ensure that girls out there have the best summer and Fashion Nova is doing things to be even more inclusive than it already is.

The brand has a line for curvy and plus-sized ladies, featuring sizes from XS to 4X – something we don’t see other fashion brands do. Even brands that are focused on the plus-sized audience alone do not create fantastic clothes for people in the extra-large category.

Let’s see what led to Meghan Thee Stallion deciding to partner with the brand.

The Jeans Struggle Every Tall Girl Faces.

Meghan once shared her tall girl experiences with her followers on Instagram after posting a picture of herself modeling Fashion Nova jeans. In her caption, she described her problem with the tall girl jeans currently available in the market.

She made it known that as a 5’10’’ woman with curves, traditional denim cuts don’t work well for her. Most jean companies are yet to understand the women’s physique to manufacture jeans that fit; jeans that women don’t have to jump ten times to slide into.

There are so many women like Megan out there that have to struggle to wear their jeans. They need jeans with a longer inseam than the 34-inches that is currently the standard.

Also, jean manufacturers ignore the needs of women with different body sizes. Megan Thee Stallion has taken the mantle to bring a change to the fashion industry and help tall girls get jeans that they will love and be comfortable in. 

Megan and Fashion Nova’s Partnership

Dressed in a pair of light-blue, hip-hugging jeans, Megan teased her collaboration with Fashion Nova in late April. However, she didn’t announce the date it will be released, so tall girls may have to keep checking the Fashion Nova website and waiting to see the link drop on her Instagram page.

These days, artists and influencers have been taking matters into their own hands about the fashion industry not being inclusive to people with other body types apart from the regular slim.

Brands like Universal Standard, ADAY, and Everlane have released products to suit the needs of plus-sized women everywhere when advocates like Ashley Graham and Danielle Brooks voiced out.

Megan has always talked about her relationship with fashion. Everyone knows she wears size 11 jeans, but the length is not always good, “It’s always a gamble,” she says.

So, she decided to take a stand against the standard, and Fashion Nova decided to partner with her on this, thus making them a more inclusive brand.

Now, tall girls all around the world only have to wait patiently for this line’s release. People already believe it’s going to be fantastic while also mentioning the collection Cardi B released with Fashion Nova in 2019 which sold out in less than 24 hours.

How Fashion Nova Has Worked on Inclusivity Over the Years.

1.      Size-Inclusivity on their products.

Fashion Nova is known for listening to its customers. Because they take account of what the people want, they create items people are willing to buy.

The CEO, Richard Saghian took note of how plus-sized women are not well catered to in the fashion industry, and decided to create a line for them.

Instead of making the regular shapeless clothes for the plus-sized people, they produce the same clothes for regular people in sizes XS to 4X. So, curvy people get to show those curves to the world and feel good about their bodies.

2.      Affordable Products.

By producing affordable fashion items, Fashion Nova taps into the middle-class customer base who may or may not be able to afford expensive clothes from other designers like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci.

So, instead of getting a bag for a thousand dollars, they can change their entire wardrobe with the same amount of money. People don’t have to wear second-hand items because they can’t afford new clothes. They can get something new and of good quality delivered right to their homes.

You will find shoes and dresses for as low as $30 on the Fashion Nova store.

3.      Inclusivity on their Instagram Page.

Fashion Nova has almost 20 million followers on its Instagram page. One of the reasons for this is their high level of engagement with their followers.

They upload pictures of their customers wearing Fashion Nova items on their page. Rather than posting only slim white girls, Fashion Nova uploads pictures of people with different shapes and sizes – curvy, busty, and plus-sized.

Also, they upload pictures of models of different body types wearing the same clothes. So, people can see what the clothes will look like on them before they buy from the online store. Seeing people of different races and sizes also gives customers peace of mind, knowing that people like them are well represented.

Fashion Nova is one of the most patronized fashion brands in the world right now. This is because they maintain a good relationship with their customers and always try to find new ways to make things better for everyone.

Selling high-quality products at affordable prices, creating a line for big, bold, and beautiful women, and now working on a collection for tall girls is a good way to grow the brand and increase its customer base.

Written by Monella