DISCOVER: INNA Sings “Iguana” Live At Kiss FM Romania And Performs With Irina Rimes On “Nu stii tu sa fii barbat” & Cover Of “Ani de liceu”

Can INNA make “Iguana” sound any better than the studio version of the song? Of course she can, just check out this live version on Kiss FM Romania, she has literally managed to blow us away. The song really showcases her vocal ability, and it’s definitely impressive and intricate, considering how technical this song is.

Not only that, but she also performed with Irina Rimes for two live tracks at Kiss FM Romania, these tracks were Irina Rimes’ “Nu stii tu sa fii barbat” and a cover of popular song “Ani de liceu” which was made popular in the 1986 film Liceenii; in English, both songs translate to “You Don’t Know How To Be A Man” and “High School Years”, respectively, whilst the film translates to Students.

Their live sessions are incredible in every single way. INNA brings fire to her brand new track “Iguana”, whilst Irina Rimes shows off her musical qualities as she plays the piano in her own song and her voice is on-point.

Watch INNA And Irina Rimes Sing Live On Kiss FM Romania Here:

INNA and Irina Rimes have worked together in the past as the latter wrote the awesome Romanian song “Cum ar fi” for INNA. They are also on the same record label, Global Records. Could we have an official collaboration from these two soon?

Both songs, INNA’s “Iguana” and Irina Rimes’ “Nu stii tu sa fii barbat” are available to download and stream right now.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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