DISCOVER: Justin Prime, Dyson & Taylor Jones’ Collaborative Single Release “Can’t Stop It”

Justin Prime released one incredible collaborative single last week with Dyson & Taylor Jones, titled “Can’t Stop It”. It certainly is a track we can’t stop listening to.

It follows up his previous track “Earthquake”, was a collaboration with D3FAI and featured Jake Lewis, Dyson’s previous single “Wrong Love” which was a collaboration with Alawn, and Taylor Jones’ previous single “Lock Me Down” which was a collaboration with Alawn & Dylan Fraser.

This isn’t the first time Justin Prime and Taylor Jones have worked together, the latter featured on the former’s 2018 single “Lights Off” which was a collaboration with Onderkoffer.

Justin Prime, real name Justin Putuhena, has made a name for himself as a Dutch producer, over the years. In 2012, he went viral in a collaboration with Showtek; the song “Cannonball” charted well in Belgium, France, and The Netherlands. Two years later, it was re-released with vocals being provided by Matthew Koma, titled “Cannonball (Earthquake)” where it managed to chart in the UK at number 29.

As for Dyson, well you may know her as Lauren Dyson, who provided some of the vocals on Basshunter’s debut international album Now You’re Gone, including the hit single “I Miss You” which was completely sang by this talented female artist. She has been credited on many popular songs as a songwriter, and she certainly one to watch due to her powerful vocals that we’ve been listening to for years, without even knowing it.

Also collaborating on this track is Taylor Jones, who is a CelebMix favourite. He’s been a rising star we’ve been following since 2012 when he dropped his debut single “Rock This Party”. As time has gone by he’s collaborated with the likes of Lasgo (on a new version of their hit song “Something”), Mastiksoul, and Markus Soul. He’s dipped in and out of releasing his own music, lately, as he is the founder and CEO of Hello Management, but he did drop two exciting solo singles, 2017’s “Good Sex” and 2018’s “Body Talk”, we’re hoping he releases another one this year – for now, we are in love with his collaborations, and this one is our favourite right now.

According to Spotify, the song has been written by Cheris Girls, Dyson, Justin Putuhena, and Taylor Jones. A lyric video has also been released for the track.

Watch Justin Prime, Dyson & Taylor Jones’ Lyric Video To “Can’t Stop It” Here:

This is an absolute banger of a track and deserves to go viral.

The lyrics capture a moment in time between two people from across the room, they’re interested in one another but they don’t take the risk to even give each other their numbers and so later they regret that they didn’t have the courage to go for it – oh how we’ve all been there.

Dyson’s vocals are flat-out amazing, she is a total talent that deserves the spotlight. Simply magic, she easily tells us the story of the track whilst nailing every twist, turn, and note. Alone, this track would be superb, but Taylor Jones jumps in with a brilliant vocal of his own giving us his side of the narrative lyrics, and it’s just simply, wow! These two are a match made in heaven, vocally. Topping off this amazing track is Justin Prime with his dazzling beats and unstoppable rhythm – and that drop at the end of the chorus, that is some kind of wizardry, right there.

“Can’t Stop It” is available to download and stream right now via One Seven Music and disco:wax. We certainly can’t stop listening to this track, that’s for sure.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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