DISCOVER: Matt Gresham

After quitting the Australian version of X Factor to go down a more independent route in 2013, Matt Gresham hasn’t slowed down one bit. His song ‘Whiskey’, released in 2014, won ‘Song of the Year’ at the Western Australia Music Awards, he performed a bunch of showcases at SXSW and just finished a sold-out Australian tour.

Now, Matt is ready to conquer the UK and Europe – and boy, are we ready for him to do so. His latest single ‘Survive on Love’ is co-written by Jaymes Young, who you might know from London Grammar. The song is a vibrant mix of guitar and drums coupled with uplifting vocals, with an almost anthemic chorus.

Its message is crystal clear: our material wants often cloud the vision of our core needs, and surfer-songwriter Matt ain’t here for that. Speaking about his childhood, he says he grew up in a “spiritually conscious environment”. “Instead of looking outward to find solutions and healing, I was taught to first look within.”

Matt will be going on tour in Germany later this year, and UK tour dates are expected to be announced soon. You can watch the video for ‘Survive on Love’ below and listen to Matt’s other music here.

Written by CelebMix