Discover: New Wave Artist, FLORIO

Dominic FLORIO is a singer-songwriter raised in Chicago, Illinois to Boston, Massachusetts. He is currently a New York based artist in which he continues to make his music known. FLORIO introduces us to the New Wave genre which was popular from the late 1970s to mid-1980s. His music features a deep sense of nostalgia and emotion through a fluttering of poignant hooks, neon synths, and raw honesty. FLORIO’s writing style includes composing pop music with a purpose; a feeling of nostalgia and emotion.

FLORIO released his 2 EPs in 2015 “Wake Up” and “Power” which features four tracks each. This was then followed by singles released early in 2016 – “Night Falls,” “Want You,” and “Rare (Love).”

His top singles are “Want You” and “Red Flags,” the latter having the most listens in the music streaming app, Spotify. He released the music video for “Red Flags” on April 2015.

We look forward to hearing more from FLORIO in the years to come and hopefully with a music tour coming up.

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