DISCOVER: Nicholas Tomillon and brooding single ‘wanna feel u’

Nicholas Tomillon reflects on past relationships alongside Lohanthony on ‘i will never leave you’ follow up, ‘wanna feel u’. 

Dropping today, Tomillon croons “say what goes down never really goes down, wanna feel u around” as he contemplates an ex-lover. Lohanthony joins in on vocals, “tell me when you sleep do you see what I see” he throws back-and-forth with  Tomillon.

For fans of Ruel and Lana Del Rey, the latter of whom the singer names as his biggest influence, Tomillon’s deep vocals and dreamy alt-pop has already seen the youngster pull in more than 300,000 Spotify streams from three singles alone. Most famously, the raw ‘To My Father’ is a viral success thanks to its point-blank honesty – a tendency fast becoming a Nicholas Tomillon trademark. Elsewhere, on ‘Narcissist’ he takes inspiration from a friend’s diagnosis with Dissociative Identity Disorder and on ‘i will never leave you‘ he calls out to a self-destructive boyfriend.

Speaking on ‘wanna feel u’, the 16-year-old tells CelebMix:

“For months, I’d been having writer’s block. I asked my friend to create a piano piece inspired by one of my favourite songs, ‘Summer Bummer’ by Lana Del Rey.”

“On the particular day that this song came together, my friend sent me a picture of my ex-boyfriend who was showing off his new relationship on Instagram. I became a little sad, but then I realized that our past relationship, and my love for him, could be the inspiration I was looking for.”

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A quick sliding into Lohanthony’s direct messages later and the two spent hours chatting about the track and the creator had added his lyrics 10 minutes later.

“The intense autotune throughout the end of the song, symbolizes the boy that the song was written about. Auto-tune is unauthentic and fake. I view this past relationship as unauthentic and fake. This has to be one of my most personal songs, and it’s magical how this project came together.”

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