DISCOVER: NOËP and his debut EP Head In The Clouds

Here at CelebMix, we love nothing more than discovering great new music, and today is no different. Today, we are taking a look at Estonian singer-songwriter and producer NOËP and his debut EP Head In The Clouds.

Andres Kõpper, better known professionally as NOËP is an electronic-pop artist from Estonia’s capital city Tallinn, who is signed to Sony Music Sweden. The singer is already pretty well known in his home country having released a number of singles over the last few years, with his latest being “New Heights”.

You can watch the official video for “New Heights” below:

Andres’ debut EP Head In The Clouds was released last month and showcases the singers unique and creative sound. There are five songs on the EP, including his latest single “New Heights”, and a collaboration with Tough Love titled “Offside” which was the lead single from the album. With a mix of influences from R&B to electro-pop ballads, there is something for everyone on this EP. Overall Head In The Clouds has a very chilled, relaxed vibe to it which will be perfect for playing on those upcoming late summer nights.

You can stream NOËP’s EP Head In The Clouds below:

NOËP released his debut single “Move” in 2015 and since this has racked up over fourteen million streams on Spotify alone. A further single of the singer’s “Rooftop” became so popular that it featured in the Spotify Viral Top 50 Charts in various countries for several weeks. His official music video for “Move” has now surpassed one million views on YouTube. 

You can watch the official music video for “Move” below:

Andres loves to be creative with his music and this was certainly the case with some of his previous releases. In his second single “Game” he experimented with whale sounds, whilst in “Rihanna” he used coke bottles and turned the sound of them clanging against tables into percussions. In addition to this, the singer is also creative with his song titles, enjoying naming his songs after women he admires such as “Jennifer Lawrence”.

You can watch the official video for “Jennifer Lawrence” below:


With music being such a tough industry to break into, Andres’ creativity and ability to blend genres into his sound will definitely be of benefit to him as his career progresses. We cannot wait to hear more music from the singer.

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