DISCOVER: Rising Country Star, Madelyn Victoria

One of the newest names on the country scene is the young singer Madelyn Victoria. Her unique voice and strong lyrics shine through in her music which is why she’s the one to watch in the country genre. We have spoken with Madelyn Victoria about her single ‘He Only Loves Me On The Dancefloor’, her love for music and charity.

At what age did you first discover your love for music, and country music in particular?

Music has been a part of my life since the day I was born- I was literally delivered to Country music being played in the operation room! Haha. So loving music came natural to me. Growing up I’d listen to my uncles and cousins play and sing all kinds like classic rock and traditional Spanish/Tejano music, but when they’d start singing some Hank and Waylon, boy did it spark something within me. I’ll also never forget the times where my family and I would be taking a drive to South Padre Island (about 35 miles from my hometown) and my dad would blast Ronnie Milsap, George Strait, Eddie Rabbitt, and so many others.. Or when my mom would teach me the lyrics to songs like “Blame it on your Heart” by Patty Loveless on the way to school. I thank my parents for those moments that sealed my love for Country music. I sang all kinds of music growing up, but Country is what I relate to the most. The fiddle and steel are my favorite instruments, and the stories and lyrics are so honest and straight from the heart.

DISCOVER: Rising Country Star, Madelyn Victoria 2

Who were your musical influences growing up?

My family is my biggest influence; they are all so talented and I am pursuing this dream for them. I grew up in the 90’s so artists like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Patty Loveless, Randy Travis, and so many more are also influences of mine and hope you can hear it in my music. I also, of course, love all the Classic Country and Outlaw Country. I write and sing about the life the good Lord gave us, and I can’t think of a better genre than Country to categorize me in.

You have been the opening act for big names such as The Jonas Brothers and Zac Brown Band, do you have any dream collaborations?

I’ve been so blessed with the opportunity to share the stage with such big names in the industry already. The biggest blessing though as far as collaborations go I would love the opportunity to work with George Strait someday, soon! I hope to one day be just as successful as he’s been in the Country music industry. I also have dreamt of working with Chris Stapleton ever since I discovered him when he was with the Steel Drivers.

Tell us about your song “He Only Loves me on the Dance Floor”

I wrote this song about 6 years ago and the idea mainly came from going out dancing at honkytonks or Country dancehall/bars- If you visualize yourself at one then I’ve done my job… If you could also use the story in your own life and make it your own version then I’ve accomplished my main goal as a songwriter. At the time I was in a relationship and we loved to go out dancing. I guess he really did only love me on the dance floor, haha.

DISCOVER: Rising Country Star, Madelyn Victoria 3
Congratulations on being nominated in multiple categories at the Nashville Universe Awards! How is it to see the response on all of your hard work?

Thank you so much! I’ve been singing for about 20 years now and still feel I am just scratching the surface. Since I’ve been working with Michael Stover of MTS Management my career has boosted so much. I’ve always had continual and gradual progress, never a setback, so when I get a little recognition for what I love doing, which is, of course, working hard towards my goals, it’s an amazing feeling.

You have started your own charity event called “Octave Higher Christmas”. Tell us a little bit about this event.

Every year during the month of December I go out to the hospitals to sing to the children and will also bring them some sort of homemade gift. One year my mother, aunt, and I all sewed teddy bears and distributed them out to the children. Other times I’ve put together a mini concert and Christmas party for the children of organizations such as Easter Seals and also the Special Education department of my hometown’s school district. The holiday season is supposed to be a joyous time, but unfortunately not always for those who are sick or for those who don’t have the luxury of extra … So by “Octave Higher Christmas” I’m hoping to make their Christmas an octave higher with joy.

What does charity and giving back mean to you?

Charity is not something I do because I’m sympathetic, but because I believe I’m empathetic. I feel like we all have to help each other out while we are on this earth, so I just try to help others the best way I can. I can’t wait til my career advances so I may do more.

What are your goals for your future? Where do you see yourself and your career in five years?

I want to tour the world! Not just tour, but sell out shows. That’s my biggest goal… That, of course, goes along with having radio hits. You gotta have the songs in order to get people out to your shows. I definitely see myself accomplishing all this within the next 5 years.

Watch Madelyn Victoria’s music video for ‘He Only Loves Me On The Dancefloor’ below:

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