DISCOVER: Rock Artist Glenn Meling

DISCOVER: Soft Rock Artist Glenn Meling

Glenn Meling is a 44-year old independent artist, songwriter, and producer from Oslo, Norway. Traveling and making music at an early age, Glenn ran into Steve Honest in London, a sound engineer who ended up making two of his albums, Melingrad in 2007 and Sometimes a Bigger Heart in 2009.

Now, he has his latest album titled Minnesota. What’s special about this album is that it’s about his migration to America in the 19th century. Back then, Brother Jonathan was a term used by immigrants to refer to the USA. Brother Jonathan personifies the spirit of the new nation in the eyes of the Europeans who left their homelands behind for a fresh start across the Atlantic.

Between 1825 and 1925, 800,000 Norwegians left their homeland for the shores of North America. A third of Norway’s population made the journey across the Atlantic to forge a new life in the New World. People them found their promised land in the Midwest, where 55% of Norwegian Americans now live, especially in the state of Minnesota, which is home to 868,000 people of Norwegian descent.

These people were gambling with their lives by going somewhere that was unknown to them. Crossing the ocean meant leaving behind friends and family for an uncertain future.

If you love artists like Sting, U2, and David Bowie or songs with a powerful message, you’ll most likely be interested in Glenn’s music.

Check out Glenn’s song “Brother Jonathon” below:

Glenn Meling


Written by Melanie Gomez

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