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Even though we listen to so many songs by so many different singers, we always end up craving more. But it’s not just the music that we seek but also the musicians, who always manage to bring forth a different perspective to a similar theme or motif.

Today in our series, we will be talking about Somaya. She is a talented singer who has just begun her journey as an artist. We aim to bring visibility to her talent in front of those who might have a taste in her kind of music. We love her, and hope you will too.

Who is Somaya?

The Charlotte based singer began her journey when she started learning piano at the age of 4. Somaya picked up singing when she turned 11 and as she grew up, the singer directed her focus in producing music that would heal and comfort the listeners.

Let’s Talk About Her Music

Somaya’s songs put forth the struggles of a teenager. Be it the topic of love, freedom or identity, the singer beautifully narrates and paints the epiphanies and dilemma of her characters.

Her songs “As Much As I Loved You” and “Straight Girl” for instance, talk about failed love. The former takes on the topic of breakup and tries to breakdown the myth of “moving on” while the latter talks of the defeated hope one holds on to, in bid to get closer to their “crush”.

Again, the themes aren’t unique but the manner of dealing with them definitely is.

But last year, one got to experience a maturer sound from the singer. It wasn’t just the sound Somaya seemed to be exploring, but also the topics of her narrative.

Last year, the singer through her single “Stand Up” talked about sexual harassment, something that has unfortunately become the most common experience in women’s lives around the world.

Through her single, Somaya conveyed that one need not be afraid and should stand up against the deed. The perpetrator needs to be punished. In this moment, when powerful and powerless are fighting to bring forth the saddening experiences of women into limelight, a song like “Stand Up” definitely acts as a morale booster.

Somaya has just started off and we wish her luck for her musical endeavours.

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Written by Ayushi

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