DISCOVER: The Spiders Encourage Citizens To Vote With Their Song "Election Day"

DISCOVER: The Spiders Encourage Citizens To Vote With Their Rock Song “Election Day”

Old-school rock n’ rollers Nick DeStefano and his band The Spiders created a powerful new rock song that is about all the rhetoric that surrounds the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election. In the song “Election Day,” these Jersey natives wanted to express the overall angst and frustration that so many feel over their choices for the top office in our country. So rather than complaining about it, why not make it an awesome rock song?

This single is clearly demanding that Americans take advantage of their duty and rights as citizens to get out and use their voice through voting. Their goal is to strike a nerve in all Americans, voters, musicians, and fans alike.

Aside making inspirational songs to encourage voting, The Spiders lead guitarist, Nick DeStefano, has performed throughout North America everywhere from the Stone Pony in New Jersey to The Troubadour in L.A. He has even appeared in two award winning videos on MTV and had appearances from musical veterans such as Donnie Kisselback of Alice Cooper for his recording of “Just Say No.”

So what are you waiting for? Let your voice be heard by voting at this years 2016 Presidential Election and check out The Spiders lyric video for “Election Day” below:

If you like bands like Green Day, All Time Low, and Sum 41, you might be interested in the rest of The Spiders music.

The Spiders

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