DISCOVER: "Stained Glass" by Alternative Rock Group Bad Reed

DISCOVER: “Stained Glass” by Alternative Rock Group Bad Reed

Bad Reed is a alternative rock group consisting of Costa Chatzis (percussion), Austin Sharpe (bass), Sydney Sollazzo (vocals/keyboards), and Graham Walker (guitar/effects) from Paris, Ontario.

The group started their career off by making their first professional studio EP in 2015. After making their EP, they put it online for people to download and listen for free. They then began touring South East Canada to support the music they created. Now, the group’s second release is planned to hit the market in early 2017.

Bad Reed

With their funky danceable beat to back up lyrics like, “I know why you think what I say is a lie told to hurt / But disagreement with you isn’t reason for me to be unworth your time,” you can’t help but feel empowered and uplifted. And that’s just a taste of what’s to come.

If you love artists like Hozier, Jack White, Snarky Puppy, The Mars Volta and/or Amy Winehouse, you may be interested in Bad Reed!

Check out their trippy video for “Stained Glass” below:

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Bad Reed


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