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DISCOVER: Thandi Phoenix and her Rudimental-Produced Latest Track

Hello, and welcome back to another round of “Discover your favorite new artist”, the series on CelebMix that shines a light on your soon-to-be musical obsessions. In today’s issue, we would like to get you acquainted with another one of our favorite up-and-coming singer-songwriters at the moment.

The musician in question is called Thandi Phoenix. Thandi originally hails from Australia and is already known in her home country for creating catchy pop music, filled with powerful lyrics and unique melodies. She has been releasing her songs there for a couple of years now and her success speaks for itself. Her latest track, “Standing Too Close”, became her first standout hit, earning her full rotation on Triple J, as well as the number one spot on the Spotify Viral Charts in Australia.

Thandi not only quickly accumulated a steady fan base but also became a critical darling with her genre-blending music. Rave reviews emerged again and again from Australian critics, praising her unique voice and calling her “one of Australia’s indie pop shining lights“. So it is no wonder that three years after her first debut single, after touring with artists such as Tinashe and Tinie Tempah, and after performing at SXSW and the Sydney Opera House, Thandi is finally readying herself for a global expansion.

Like any good artist would do, she does so with a bang. Her latest track is called “My Way” and was produced by her long-time friends and mentors Rudimental. The London collective discovered her in 2015 while performing on stage and decided to tour Australia with her. From this moment on, the Brits kept in touch with the performer and now, at last, released their first track together.

On Instagram, Thandi explained the reasoning behind her self-written track. She wrote it in order to remind herself that in life you have to chase what sets one’s soul on fire and to just live one’s life, without thinking too much about what others might have to say about the path you choose. “My Way”, she further explains, is her way of challenging herself, to grow and prosper and to do whatever she loves in order to make her happy.

Read her full statement below:

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OK! ??? “My Way” produced by the one and only @rudimentaluk is OUT EVERYWHERE NOW??? I wrote this song as a reminder, not only to myself but to you – that in this life you’ve gotta chase what sets your SOUL ON FIRE ?There will always be people out there who just don’t get it. They won’t get you or your magic ? nor understand what makes you tick or what satisfies your soul. And you know what, they may never and they don’t have to. Allow it. Stop trying to please other people and LIVE YOUR LIFE. Be BOLD, FEARLESS and UNAPOLOGETIC for the person you are ??Too often we let the pressure of society and the opinions of others impact our decisions and our happiness. Don’t lose sight of your purpose or your true self. As long as you’re not going out there to purposefully hurt someone, Do whatever the fuck feels right for you! If it makes you smile do more of it, take risks even when they scare you. Challenge yourself, GROW. Most importantly do what makes yourself proud. Do what you love ?? This is MY WAY and it’s no longer just mine, it’s yours and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you ??

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This powerful message is portrayed perfectly by her track. “My Way” is another piece of art that seamlessly blends different genres into just one song. Thandi’s latest record starts off slow, to let us settle in but once the stomping drum & bass beats that we all know and love from Rudimental kick in, all bets are off and we are ready to go. “At the end of the day, they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do”, she sings just before the post-chorus arrives. “My Way” is a pop-py feel-good song that is perfect for summer. Or whenever you need a pick-me-up. It is filled with strong writing, trumpets (who doesn’t love trumpets?), a catchy chorus, a post-chorus that will make you go “oooh” as well and the perfectly arranged melodies from Rudimental.

If you want to, you can listen to the song down below, we included Spotify as well as SoundCloud links for you.

Listen to a preview on SoundCloud:

Or listen to the full track on Spotify:

“My Way” arrives as a teaser for Thandi’s brand new music. It was released via Island Records/ Neon and is available for download and purchase on the digital retailer of your choice. She also released an accompanying remix by The Golden Boy, with the announcement that more will follow in the future.

If you want to, you can keep up with the artist right here: Facebook, SoundCloudInstagram.

Whatever you do, we will keep you updated right here on CelebMix. After all, 2018 definitely looks like a great year for Thandi and we at CelebMix are ready for what is to come.

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