DISCOVER: The Founder of Tilted Axes: Music for Electric Guitars, Patrick Grant

DISCOVER: The Founder of Tilted Axes: Music for Electric Guitars, Patrick Grant


Combining the energy of rock and theater, Tilted Axes is both a processional event and an ensemble of mobile electric guitarists created by Patrick Grant.

But who is Patrick Grant? Patrick is a composer/performer living in New York City. His goal is to create music for a wide range of media. He’s even the creator of International Strange Music Day (Aug. 24th) and the ‘electric guitar procession’ as a genre.

To help achieve his goal, he created Tilted Axes: Music for Electric Guitars in 2011 for Make Music New York’s inaugural Winter Solstice event. Even though Tilted Axes brings live music directly to the audience by strapping amps around their bodies and touring the city, Patrick felt that producing studio recordings of their music would attract a bigger audience.

The purpose of the album, Tilted Axes: Music for Electric Guitars, is so that Patrick can expose Tilted Axes’ music to a new audience, raise awareness of the project and its uniqueness, and to generate future work by interesting other cities and communities to have a Tilted Axes event with music created just for them.

When a festival or other institution wishes to stage a Tilted Axes event, a call is put out to local guitarists to apply to participate. The people who are chosen are then given MP3s and PDFs of the music to be performed at the event, so they can learn it in advance.

It isn’t until a week before the event that Patrick then rehearses the music with the group along with the staging that has to be done. A procession route within the host city is predetermined, which vary from routes like city squares, centers of transportation, and indoor structures like museums. The preparation is accompanied by posters and placards which let the public know more about the event, sponsors, the hosting organization, and its purpose.

You can buy/check out their album Tilted Axes: Music for Electric Guitars HERE

You can check out what it is they exactly do by watching the video below!

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