DISCOVER: Turkish Rock Artist Kivanc Kilicer

DISCOVER: Turkish Rock Artist Kivanc Kilicer

Kivanc Kilicer is a Turkish rock artist creating dark, earnest art in a country where it’s risky to do so. He started his professional music career as the frontman of the heavy rock band Element, but that of course, slowly changed.

It was after composing and releasing two studio albums with the band that he decided to focus on his own project in which he called Gravity. Working on Gravity is where he found himself exploring various combinations of contrast tunes and blending them with pure hard rock sound.

Dew on Roses EP Cover

“Unable to contain the everlasting resource of melody and riff inside of me, I couldn’t just enjoy listening to and covering music. Therefore I decided composing my own in 2005. My main interest has always been a blend of progressive rock and symphony; both of which require special attention on emotions, balance and clarity,” said Kivanc.

Having a home studio was definitely useful, because due to that he was able to practice composing his songs, write lyrics, record instruments, sing vocals, and do his own mixes as much as he liked.

“It was another level for me where I finally created my first solo tracks at an international scale. A brand new experience, a brand new world,” said Kivanc.

You can purchase the Dew on Roses EP via Scarlet Records from iTunes and Amazon now.

Check out his killer single “Devil’s Thought” off of the EP below:

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Kivanc Kilicer


Written by Melanie Gomez

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