DISCOVER: Vina Rose Released The Music Video To “Breathe Again” This Week

We may have premiered Vina Rose’s awesome debut single “Breathe Again” and even interviewed her about the song and the music video, but we weren’t quite ready for this visual when we first saw it. Fuelled with so much fire, sass, and energy, Vina Rose impresses to no end in her debut music video. She is fierce!

Vina Rose has just started out on her music career but what a way to begin it with her addicting debut track! She’s from Sicily, Italy and recently moved to London to focus on a career in music, working in some of the best studios including Abbey Road. Not only that, but she’s also performed alongside the likes of Andrea Bocelli, Alexia and Giorgia; performed at a number of festivals; and, appeared in a few shows for the BBC and ITV. She’s certainly starting to make her name known and her first step in the music industry with “Breathe Again” is certainly one that deserves to make an impact.

Talking to us about the music video, Vina Rose revealed that it was filmed in an ex-factory in East London, and that we “can expect all the passion and energy I’m capable of, plus you’re going to see me dancing as well (I have a background also as a dancer by the way).

She went on to say: “The diversity of humanity is something we should celebrate about, inclusion is the key in life, the face of difference is within indifference. Let our hearts welcome, speak and embrace the one and only universal and equal language: LOVE.”

The music video is one of our favourite visuals we’ve seen this month with Vina Rose totally making a statement from the very start, showcasing the sort of artist she is. Looks-wise, we’re getting Victoria Beckham mixed with Melanie C and Ruth Lorenzo whilst her video is reminding us of GALA mixed with a bit of Cheryl. She makes a great first impression with this debut music video, full of confidence and strength. As for the choreography, she knocks out those dance sequences like they were simple; this visual alone shows that she’s one to watch, but paired with this incredibly addicting track, it’s clear that Vina Rose is on the road to success.

Watch Vina Rose’s Music Video To Debut Single “Breathe Again” Here:

“Breathe Again” is available to download and stream right now. She plans on releasing more new music soon leading up to an EP release, hopefully, next year.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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