Disney Launches Streaming Service!

Good news for the inner child in us all, Disney will be releasing a streaming service that we can subscribe to and get a world of Disney in one app!

Disney Life will feature everything, well, Disney! Not only films will be available but also music, books and television which gives us a dream package.

Streaming services have become increasingly popular with the rise of Amazon Prime, Netflix and Now TV. With a slightly more expensive price at £9.99 a month, it will cost less than subscribing to their channel through satellite subscription.

Disney have proudly announced the wishes to launch in the UK because of the market of ‘many Disney fans.’

‘UK families embrace new technology, and demand more flexible entertainment and this is supported by superfast broadband connectivity and the proliferation of digital devices in this market’ says a Disney spokeswoman.

Unfortunately for all those Marvel and Star Wars fans, the films will be absent at the launch of the site which seems like a massive blow but as the site steadies, maybe we will be seeing some of our favourite heroes and villains hit the service!

TV channels have been becoming increasingly interested in the streaming service market. BBC are planning on launching a subscription based iPlayer in the US and HBO launched their service on the 9th March. It comes after the success that Netflix has received after being willing to have a variety of programming in the click of a button.

We are so ready to binge watch hundreds of hours of countless Disney movies and TV shows! It’s a dream come true for many as, let’s face it, Netflix wasn’t giving us nearly enough Disney!

Forget Netflix and Chill, long live Disney Life and Chill!

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Written by CelebMix